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A branding concept for a fictional CBD and THC gummy brand called Bunnylabs that is aimed at a more feminine audience than a lot of gummies presently on the market. I wanted to give it a cute and friendly presence.
belonging: the power of public art
a project to encourage interaction with public art and bring together communities in a time of pandemic crisis that could pull them apart.
Lipsmacker Rebrand
A rebrand of the well known chapstick offerings of Lipsmacker for the 18-25 year old target audience, with an added sophistication.
Bufffalo Backbone Giving Program Visual Identity
Visual identities for a new subscription giving service to support the mission of the Buffalo Field Campaign in a new and exciting way
metaphor project
A metaphorical visualization of my state of mind during the winter of 2019 using images, shapes, and song lyrics.
snowboard design
Snowboard designs for Burton, pulling on a retro 80s shape and Japanese anime aesthetic.
posters exploring graphic design grid systems
song project
Wendy's branding
This project aims to be a fun branding campaign for Wendy's; offering exclusive gifs that can be used by their marketing team as well as customers online. It was visually inspired by an animated video that I made to a retro Wendy's instructional video (see below), as well as their existing cheeky presence on Twitter.
South End Project
lyric exploration
Every other month, I gather my top 10 songs of the month from my Spotify data and create image graphics for those songs. I try to work off instinct for these, going off the vibes of the songs. This page is updated every few months!