This was my capstone project at Champlain College. The goal of it was to highlight the ways in which public art (both commissioned and otherwise) can have a positive impact on a community. It can bring people together, spread emotions, and give someone a sense of belonging in their environment.
I created a logo that can be used alone, on a horizontal, as a sticker, or the cover of a zine. I cut the design from paper to give it a street art hand done look and then vectorized it to make it versatile in both physical and digital formatting, as can be seen in the below examples.

Zine: A guide zine to come out twice a year for three areas of Burlington, Vermont. It would highlight local artists, information on public works and popular street art areas. It also contains infographics on how the art is created. The areas are color coded, and a self-guided walking tour is included in each zine. These are designed to be interesting and accessible for both locals and those visiting Burlington.

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